Why Is Art Important?

        Many people enjoy creating or viewing art.  Thus, one basic question is,
why is art important?  In this brief article, I provide three possible reasons why
art is important.


     Art can be considered important partly because it may foster happiness.  
Art has an aesthetic quality that may bring joy to people who view art.  Also, art
may foster happiness for people who create it because it may involve self-
expression.  Self-expression can be viewed as expressing one’s own feelings
and thoughts in art.

Perceived Meaning in Life

     Art may also be important because it might foster greater perceived
meaning in life for people who create art.  Because creating art may involve
self-expression, it may foster greater perceived meaning in life.  In my book,
Finding Meaning (Bell, 2007), I stated, “Creative expression may also be
meaningful because it allows us to express our ideas, interests, and values in
our art, music, or writing” (p. 16).


      Some types of art may be considered a form of communication.  Important
ideas may be expressed in a symbolic manner in the form of art.  For example,
poetry can be considered one type of art, and a poem may reflect an
underlying message.  There may be metaphors used to express certain ideas
or feelings in a poem.   


Bell, B. (2007).  Finding Meaning (3rd ed.).  Portland, OR:  Blue Fox