Remembering Names: The Celebrity Name Technique

By Brad Bell

Having difficulty or trouble remembering names may be a common problem.   Imagine that you are at a party and you have just been introduced to nine people.  How many names will you remember? Having to remember the names of people who you have just met can be challenging.  If you do not make an effort to remember the names, you may find yourself asking people their names several times.  This can be embarrassing.  Thus, it is important to learn how to remember people’s names.

Some ago, I was sitting at a table and had to remember the names of five people that I had just met.  I call the technique that I used to remember the names the celebrity name technique.   Using this technique, I associated four of the five people with celebrities who had the same name (I could not think of a celebrity with the same name as one of the five people).

This may be a good technique to use to try to remember names.  Of course, the celebrity name technique would clearly not be effective in all situations (It would not be effective with names that cannot be associated with the names of celebrities).

More research may be needed to address the effectiveness of the celebrity name technique.  Moreover, there may be other ways to remember names and good remembering name techniques.