This page contains some of my thoughts and views concerning a
number of topics.   Some of the articles concern the importance of certain
Meaning of Life Versus Meaning in Life
Quality and Quantity:  Quantity is Not Necessarily Quality
Why Do We Like Karaoke?
Self-published Books Can Be High in Quality
Psychology of Meaning:  Sources of Meaning
Psychology of Meaning:  Meaning as a Primary Motive
Psychology of Meaning:  Roadblocks to Finding Meaning
The Experience Fallacy
What is the Meaning of Life?
Karaoke Singing Tips:  How to Sing Karaoke and Audience Enjoyment
Quality Definition
Importance of Psychology
Remembering Names:   The Celebrity Name Technique
Money Saving Tips:  Calculating Long-term Spending
Communication Skills in the Workplace:  Rapport Building Strategies
Characteristics of a Good Person
The Psychology of Poetry
The Importance of the Thank You Letter
The Sincere Apology Letter
Why is Critical Thinking Important?
Why Is Art Important?
Why Is Humility Important?
Why is Empathy Important?